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GRM Journal Vol.1

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Journal for information, study and discussion of Global Resource Management, Doshisha University
同志社大学リーディング大学院グローバル・リソース・マネジメント ジャーナル

ISSN 21884757

Vol. 1 issued March 2014

Table of Contents

1. Editor’s message

2. Special Contribution
    - President of Doshisha University, Prof. K. Murata
    - Coordinator of GRM Program, Prof. M. Naito

3. GRM News
(1) The First GRM Symposium
(2) Lecture Series (academic years 2012-2013)
(3) Special Seminar [Taketani]
(4) Global Leadership Forum
(5) International Conference [White,]
(6) International Workshop on Renewable Energy [Lamas]
(7) International Student Session [Huu Thang,]
(8) International Workshop [Shevchenko]
(9) On-Site Practice
(10) Field Work Report

4. Papers
(1) Invited papers
- H. Griffiths
“Wind Power in the UK”
- Matti Lehtonen
“Energy Policy and Infrastructure in Finland”
- Unnr Stella
“Energy Policy and Infrastructure in Iceland”

(2) Papers presented at IWRE 2013 / Hanoi as a result of “Common Practice”
- Toshie Inui
“A Study of Measures to Satisfy the Growing Demand for Electricity in Zambia”
- J.E. Lamas,,
“Reconstruction of Syria’s Electric Power Infrastructure using Renewable Energies”
- X. Wang,,
“Electricity Supply to a Local/Isolated Area by Means of Renewable Energy”
(3) Selected students’ Papers
- Nikolay Shevchenko
“Forgiveness Brokers: Assessing the Role of Foreign Actors in Libyan Reconciliation”
- Tian Zhang
“Development of Infrastructure in the Kingdom of Cambodia: Export of Water Technology by Kitakyushu”