Activities of GRM


On-site Practice in Turkey

On-Site Practice


Date: March 5 (Wed)-12 (Wed), 2014
Venue: Istanbul and Kilis, Turkey

<DAY 1>
Depart from Kansai International Airport

<DAY 2>
Arrival at Istanbul

・Visit to a Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Turkey İsak Haleva.
・Visit to an Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople/Ermeni Ortodoks Patrikhanesi.
・Visit to Sultanahmet Camii(Blue Mosque) and lecture by Prof.Ismail Taspinar, Marmara Üniversitesi.

<DAY 3>
・Visit to Yusuf SAĞ of Süryani Katolik.
・Workshop organized by the Graduate School of Engineering, titled "Electrical power supply infrastructure in and around Turkey".
・Preliminary workshop for the field work in Gaziantep lectured by Prof.Gokhan Bacik, İpek Üniversitesi.

<DAY 4>
Move to Kilis
・Visit Syrian refugee's camps to participate in the refugee assistant activities in collaboration with Kimse Yok Mu(NPO).
・Visit a school and have an interview with teachers.
・Ovserve an activity of food distribution for Syrian refugee orangaised by Kimse Yok Mu.

Move to Istanbul

<DAY 5>
・Workshop for Marmaray Undersea Railway Tunnel Project.
Lecture by Mr. Fukumoto(Taisei Corp.) with regards to the overview of Marmaray Undersea Railway Tunnel Project.Observe a Marmaray Undersea Railway Tunnel.

<DAY 6>
・GRM Round Table "Democratization Process in the Muslim World: Expectations and Apprehensions of Muslims"
【Co-organization】GYV(Gazeteciler ve Yazarlar Vakfı = The Journalists and Writers Foundation)
【Guest speakers】Associate Prof. Ihsan Yilmaz (Fatih University), and Dr. Sahin Alpay(Bahcesehir University)

<DAY 7>
・Meeting(General Overview) in hotel

Depart from Istanbul

<DAY 8>
Arrive at Kansai International Airport

GRM On-site Practice in Turkey was introduced by a local media.