Activities of GRM


Program for Leading Graduate Schools by MEXT, Joint Fieldwork in Oita, Fukuoka

Joint Seminar


Doshisha University, Kyushu University, Hiroshima University

Date: Sep. 8 (Mon)‐11 (Thu), 2014
Venue: Oita, Fukuoka prefectures, Japan

<DAY 1>
Arrival at Oita
・Kick-off Meeting
・Mini Outdoor Class at Jumonjibaru Lookout "What is occurring in central Kyushu? (1)" Prof. Hayashida〔Doshisha University〕
・Class "Renewable vs Nuclear; Distributed vs Concentrated" Prof. Wada〔Doshisha University〕
・Class "Beppu Geothermal Field" Prof. Takemura〔Kyoto University〕
・Suginoi Hotel Geothemal Power Plant Visit
・Kyoto University Geothermal Research Laboratory Visit

<DAY 2>
・Mini Outdoor Class at Yufu-Mt. PA "What is occurring in central Kyushu? (2)" Prof. Hayashida〔Doshisha University〕
・Kyushu Electric Power Hachobaru-Power Plant Visit

Move to Fukuoka
・Class "Geothermal energy - Development and evaluation of sustainability - " Prof. Nishijima〔Kyushu University〕
・Class "Factors associated with dynamics of poverty in rural Midhills of Nepal" Prof. Niraj Prakash Joshi〔Hiroshima University〕
・Preparation for Student Presentation

<DAY 3>
・Class "The Past, the Present, and the Future of Africa: An Introduction" Prof. Mine〔Doshisha University〕
・Class "Engineering application of “geomimetics” to smart material for environmental technology" Prof. Sasaki〔Kyushu University〕
・Class "Project Formulation and Implementation under Japanese Official Development Assistance" Mr. Kobayakawa〔JICA〕
・Class "Geothermal Power in practice" Dr.Tagomori〔WEST JEC〕
・Class "Asia-Africa Sustainable Energy Partnership" Prof. Nakata〔Doshisha University〕
・Preparation for Student Presentation

<DAY 4>
・Discussion Time(Q&A)
・Keynote Speech Mr. Kondo〔Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology〕
・Student presentation and comments (60min×3)
 Commentators:Professors, JICA, WEST JEC, MEXT
・Closing Discussion (Review)