Activities of GRM


On-Site Practice in the Philippines

On-Site Practice


On-site Practice in the Philippines
Date: March 3 - 10, 2015
Project site: Philippines (Los Baños, Iloilo)
<DAY 1>
・Move to Los Baños
・Campus tour to University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB)
・Group discussion 

<DAY 2>
・Students session with UPLB faculties and students
・International Seminar on Building Back Better Through Good Governance and Green Rehabilitation Mechanism
・Dinner hosted by the UPLB

<DAY 3>
・Move to Manila and Iloilo
・Group discussion

<DAY 4>
・Field research
 (Site assessment and community consultations (island, coastal and lowland communities in Ajuy and other municipalities))

<DAY 5>
・Field research
・Focus group discussion and dialogue with officials from the Presidential Office, local government officials, and faculties and students from University of the Philippines Visayas and local residents

<DAY 6>
・Field research and group consultations (in support by local represents, NGOs, etc)

<DAY 7>
・Northern Iloilo Stakeholder Summit: Group presentation of findings and recommendations
・Depart for Iloilo city 

<DAY 8>
・Depart for Japan