Activities of GRM


On-Site Practice I in Miyakojima

On-Site Practice


Date: April 29 to 2 May, 2015
Venue: Miyako-jima, Okinawa Prefecture

<Day 1>
・Visit a geological observation site
・Lecture in the field by Prof. Akira Hayashida
     ”Geographical and Geological Outline of Miyakojima-island"
・Orientation at hotel by Prof. Motoi Wada, Prof. Masami Nakata
    "Introduction to the GRM Program and Miyakojima On-site Learning"
・Group work

<Day 2>
・Visit Mega Solar site
・Visit Underground Dams and UD Museum
・Brief Introduction to the Underground Dams by Kenji Kajiwara, Miyakojima Municipal Office
・Lecture by Kenji Kajiwara
   ”Water Resource Management in MiyakoJima”
・Lecture by Mr. Giuseppe Arduino (UNESCO IHP)
      ”Water Resource Management and International Hydrological Program” 
・Lecure by Prof. Chihiro Kato 
   "Pollution in the Yellow River - Crisis of China" 
・Group work

<Day 3>
・Lecture by Prof. Carlo Alberto Nucci (Bologna University)
      ”Smart Grid and Smart Community” 
・Visit the diesel thermal power plants of Okinawa Electric
・Visit Eco-Island PR Center
・Lecture by Mr. Satoru Mikami, Miyakojima Municipal Office
     "Overview of the Eco-island Miyakojima Project"
・Lecture by Mr. Kazufumi Yoshida and Raijin Mieruka, Miyako TV
     "Raising awareness of local residents from the media's perspective"
・Lecture by Prof. Motoi Watda
  ”Commercializing a demonstration project”
・Visit the Bio Ethanol Production Factory
・Group work

<Day 4>
・Group presentation, overal discussion, review