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Career Design by Mr. Tsukasa Maekawa (Ex-senior officer of ADB)

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GRM Global Career Design
Learn from an International Organization officer

Date: June 11 (Thu), 15:00-16:40
Venue: IMADEGAWA (Karasuma campus), Shikokan GRM Common Room in communication with KYOTANABE Campus
Speaker: Mr. Tsukasa Maekawa
    (Ex-senior officer for Public Relations, Asian Development Bank)

[Speaker profile]
He joined the ADB in 1998 and served as a senior officer for Public Relations by 2011.
After retirement, he was a consultant of ADB by 2014.
Before coming to the ADB, he worked as a journalist in charge of financial economy at Kyodo News in 1981 – 1986 and at Reuters based in Tokyo and London in 1987 – 1998.

[Lecture content]
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is the leading international development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty and improving quality of life in the Asia and the Pacific region.
Mr. Tsukasa Maekawa gave us a lecture about various lines of job existing in ADB, required competencies to work in the international organizations, and career opportunities and the recruitment system for young to join the ADB.
Also he talked achievements he has made through his position and how he developed his own career.