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The United States’ Relations and Policies on the Middle East

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GRM Lecture Series
A special lecture in the GRM class “GRM Selected Theme -American Foreign Policy through Constitutional Perspectives: Theories and Cases-”

Date: July 3 (Fri), 14:55-19:55 
Venue: IMADEGAWA (Imadegawa campus), Ryoshinkan RY438
Theme: The United States’ Relations and Policies on the Middle East
Guest speaker: Mr. Yoichi MIKAMI
                       (Senior Regional Coordinator of First Middle East Division,
                       Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Facilitator and lecturer of the class: Prof. Naoyuki AGAWA (Keio University)

The class “Global Resource Management, Selected Theme, American Foreign Policy Through Constitutional Perspectives: Theories and Cases" has been exploring and analyzing the role and function of the U.S. Constitution in formulating policies that concern political, economic, security, humanitarian and other interests of the United States in various regions of the world.

On Friday, July 3, we invited, as guest speaker, Mr. Yoichi Mikami of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, an expert on and practitioner of Japan's policy in the Middle East, to analyze the current U.S. policies in this region under President Obama.

This lecture discussed Obama administration's strategy for the Middle East and North Africa with Egypt case: the Arab Spring.