Activities of GRM


Fieldwork: United Nations and World Bank



Date: September 8 (Tue) to 11 (Fri), 2015
Venue: World Bank, United Nations, UNDP
           in Washington D.C. and New York, USA

■ September 8, 1st Day @World Bank
・Lectures by
    Ms. Angelica Silvero (Head, Speaker’s Bureau External and Corporate Relations)
    Mr. Keisuke Iyadomi (Climate Change Specialist, Social, Urban Rural and Resilience Global Practice)
    Mr. Makoto Suwa (Disaster Risk Management Specialist, Global Fund for Disaster Risk Reduction)
    Mr. Mitsunori Motohashi (Senior Energy Specialist, Energy and Extractives Global Practice)

■ September 9, 2nd Day @World Bank
・Lectures by
    Mr. Kazuhide Kuroda (Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice)
    Mr. Masaki Takahashi
    Ms. Norie Sekimoto

■ September 10 3rd Day @UNDP
・Introduction of UNDP by Mr. Lamine Bal (Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy)
・Lecture by Mr.Naoki Nihei (Japan Unit, Partnership Group, Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy)
・Presentation by Students
    Commentator: Ms. Chiara Mellucci (Bureau of Policy and Programme Support)
・Lectures by
    Ms. Nicole Igloi (Bureau of Policy and Programme Support)
      "Post-2015 development agenda and UNDP"
    Mr. Marcos Neto (Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, Private Sector and Foundations Team Manager)
      "Role of private sector in development and UNDP"
・Wrap up session with Mr. Naoki Nihei (Global Development)

■ Sep 11, 4th Day @United Nations
・Lectures at UN Human Security Unit by Mr. Huw Beynon
・Meetings with
    Ms. Mehrnaz Mostafavi (Chief of Human Security Unit)
    Mr. Yukio Takasu (Secretary‐General’s Special Advisor)