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What is like, working for an International Cooperation NGO?

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Open Lecture (GRM Internship I, II)
Date: December 21 (Monday)  10:45~12:15 
Venue: Shikokan SK110, Karasuma Campus, Doshisha University
Lecturer: Mr. Akira Kondo (Ghana Project Manager, NPO ACE)
Facilitator: Professor Hisae Nakanishi (Doshisha University)

Mr. Kondo talked about the child labour around the world.  Also about the international NGOs and different kinds of organizations working for international development and how you participate in and requirements for these jobs through his career.   

Lecturer's Profile:
Mr. Kondo has earned master’s degree on “International Development” at Nagoya University. He joined to Amnesty International and Africa Japan Forum as an intern, and worked as a volunteer for JICA in Ghana and Uganda. Later, he worked for JAICAF (Japan Association for International Collaboration of Agricultural and Forestry) as a domestic supporting staff in “Afghanistan National Agricultural Experiment Stations Rehabilitation Project”, and for Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd. as a researcher for “the Construction of 2nd Nile River Bridge in Uganda”. Recently, he has been a member of NPO ACE (Action against Child Exploitation) since April of 2012. He visits Ghana regularly to monitor the situation. Beside that, he has been an adviser of Afri-Can, a citizen network for TICAD since March of 2014.