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Date: February 17-19, 2016
Venue: Hotel Piazza Biwako
Lecturers: Mr. Ken Inoue (Democratic Governance Advisor, JICA)
                Dr. Masadykov Talatbek (Visiting professor, University of Tokyo)
                Mr. Ferda Gelegen (UNIDO Tokyo)
                Mr. Kazuhide Kuroda (World Bank)
                Professor Eiji Oyamada (Doshisha University)

February 17 (Wed.) 
19:00-21:00  Society and Politics in Asia
                     by Prof. Eiji Oyamada

February 18 (Thu.) 
08:45  Introduction of Global Studies
            by Prof. Eiji Oyamada
09:30  Transparency and Accountability in the government
            by Prof. Eiji Oyamada
10:45  Anti-Corruption Policy and Strategy
            by Prof. Eiji Oyamada
13:15  Local government and international cooperation
            by local initiative by Prof. Eiji Oyamada
15:15  International development through UN and JICA
            by Mr. Ken Inoue (Democratic Governance Advisor, JICA)
17:00  National and local development under difficult circumstances
            by Dr. Masadykov Talatbek (Visiting professor, University of Tokyo)
19:00  Round table discussion with lecturers

February 19 (Fri.) 
09:00  Investment, development and UNIDO
            by Mr. Ferda Gelegen (UNIDO Tokyo)
11:15  1.The World Bank's Approach to Conflict Mitigation
          2. Challenges of Development Partners' Coordination 
            by Mr. Kazuhide Kuroda (Consultant,)
14:00-17:00  Group discussion (Public integrity case study)