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GRM Journal Vol. 2



Journal for information, study and discussion of Global Resource Management, Doshisha University
同志社大学リーディング大学院グローバル・リソース・マネジメント ジャーナル

ISSN 2188-4757

Vol. 2 issued March 2016

Table of Contents

1. Editor’s message

2. GRM News
(1) GRM Organizing International Conferences Symposium [Nakao]
(2) International Student session (ISET/ISS 2014) in Vietnam [Hayakawa, et al]
(3) Joint Fieldwork in Kyushu [Carada]

3. Selected student's Papers
(1) Jorge Lamas
"Energy supply in isolated areas: an outline of the current situation and the potential of hydrogen technologies for distributed power generation"
(2) Toshie INUI
"The Status of the Twa Minority in Rwanda in the Past and Present: A post-genocide policy challenge"