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Common Practice II "Reconstruction in Sri Lanka"

Joint Seminar


Common Practice II

Group assignment:
Sri Lanka has been devastated both by the civil war (1983-2009) and 2004 Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami. Examine priorities of reconstruction support plans (e.g. road, railway, electricity, community infrastructure, bay area) in Sri Lanka after the devastation.

June 30 (Thu.)
14:55-16:25  Team meeting
16:40-18:10  Lecture by Prof. Hayashida

July 11 (Mon.)
14:55-16:25  Lecture by Prof. Carada
     "Politics and Reconstructuion in the Philippines"

July 14 (Thu.)
14:55-16:25  Lecture by Mr. Miyazaki (JICA)
     "Reconstruction in Cambodia"

August 1 (Mon.)
10:45-12:15  Lecture by Prof. Pasha
     "Human security and Reconstruction"
13:10-18:10  Group work

August 2 (Tue.)
10:45-12:15  Lecture by Mr. Kobayakawa (JICA)
     "Reconstruction in Sri Lanka"
13:10-16:25  Group work
16:40-18:10  Presentation and Discussion