Activities of GRM


Fieldwork in Balkan (Career design support program)

Research & Others


Date: September 2-17
Location: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany

<Day 1>
- Flight from Japan to Frankfurt
- First meeting at hotel
<Day 2>
- Flight from Frankfurt to Vienna
<Day 3>
- Visit Museum of Military History
<Day 4>
- Flight from Vienna to Sarajevo
- Visit Tunnel of Hopešli
<Day 5>
- Visit Srebrenica
11:00   Visit Serbia of Cemetery
11:30   Visit Potocari Memorial
12:30   Lunch
13:30   Visit the city government
          Project briefing by Mr. Hiroki Miyoshi (JICA)
          Discussion with city employees and the counterpart
14:30   Move to Skelani
15:30   Visit the JICA agricultural program area
16:30   Visit the nursery, apiary, project office

<Day 6>
- Visit Office of the High Representative (OHR)
- Visit Japanese Embassy
  Lecture "Relationship between Japan and the Balkans" 
    Mr. Kazumasa Miyazaki
  "Peace Building in the Balkans"
    Mr. Ryoma Yamagishi
<Day 7>
Visit Mostar area
<Day 8>
Flight from Sarajevo to Munich
<Day 9>
Flight from Munich to Belgrade
- Briefing by Mr. Masanori Oyama (JPO, Japanese Embassy)
<Day 10>
Activity divided in to 3 groups
Group Academia
- Attend International Conference at Institute of International Politics and Economics at IIPE
  Title: "Social and Economic Problems and Challenges in Contemporary World"
  09:15-09:45  Introductory part - Opening remarks
  10:00-11:45  Panel I  Major trends
  12:00-14:00  Panel II  Local consequences
  15:00-17:00  Panel III  Social and Economic challenges
Group JICA
- One day office experience
  09:30-10:30  Guide of the office
  11:00-12:00  City Bus Terminal
  14:00-15:00  Visit Mr. Takahiko Makino and briefing about the Tourism Promotion
  15:30-16:30  Meeting with Japanese and Serbian Staffs, Wrap-up
Group Mitsubishi
- One day office experience
- Dinner

Group Academia & JICA
  17:00-18:30  Lecture by Lecture by Prof. Higashino and Prof. Kodate
   "How to Build an Academic Career Abroad”
- Reception at Japanese ambassador's residence
<Day 11>
- Presentations (15 min + Q&A) at IIPE
  10:00-12:00  Group Academia students 
  13:30-14:30  Group Mitsubishi students
  15:00-15:40  Group JICA students
- Review
<Day 12>
- Academic Exchange at Belgrade University
- Dinner at Belgrade University
<Day 13>
- Flight from Belgrade to Frankfurt
- Wrap-up Meeting
<Day 14>
Flight from Frankfurt to Japan