Activities of GRM


Refugee Crisis and its Danger for Integration of Europe (Slovenia and Germany)

On-Site Practice


On-site Practice II

Date: 7~16 March, 2017
Place: Slovenia, Germany

Research Topics:
1. Refugee Crisis and its Danger for Integration of Europe (Slovenia and Germany)
2. Islamophobia and Populism (Germany)
3. Small Country’s Dilemma for Integrated Europe (Slovenia)
4. Energy Policies in a Small Country (NEDO project and Future Energy Policies, Slovenia)

7 March, Tue
11:45  Departure from Osaka (KIX)
20:45  Arrival at Ljubljana via Helsinki and Vienna
   Transfer to Hotel Slon and meet Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Keiji Fukuda

8 March, Wed
 9:00- 9:40  Visit to Rector of University of Ljubljana @University headquarter
10:00-11:30  Lecture by Prof. Nucci and Prof. Ametani @Faculty of Electrical Engineering
13:00-14:00  Lecture by Prof. Haček: “Slovenia-EU Relations”
14:15-14:30  Campus tour
14:30-16:00  Lecture by Prof. Pikalo, Prof. Svete and Dr. Lovec: “Refugee issues”
19:00  Dinner at Ambassador's Residence

9 March, Thu
 9:00-10:00  Visit to Mr. Makovec @Presidential Office
11:00-12:00  National Council
   Mr. Bervar, President of National Council
14:00-15:00  Refugee facilities on border @Dobova

10 March, Fri
 9:00-13:00  MOFA & CEP
   Discussion, etc @Jable castle
   Dr. Raščan, Acting Head of Department for Strategic Studies and Analyses, Directorate for Common Foreign and Security Policy
14:00  Visit Ministry of Infrastructure
15:00  Visit the ELES Company (Slovenia’s electric power transmission company)

11 March, Sat
 9:00-10:00  Meeting for summarizing
12:00  Visit Lake Bohinj
13:15  Visit Lake Bled
16:00  Arrival at Airport
17:55  Departure from Ljubljana
22:25  Arrival at Berlin via Frankfurt

12 March, Sun
11:00  Move to Kottbusser Tor Sta. by train
   Visit the immigrant city (old Turkish immigrant city)
12:30  Move to Hermanstr by bus
   Visit the Arab immigrant city
14:30  Move to Ostbahnhof Sta. by train
   Visit the Remains of the Berlin Wall
16:00  Move to Fried rischst. Sta. by train
   Walk through the city

13 March, Mon
 9:15  Departure from Hotel
 9:45  Security check
10:00-11:30  Visit AfD Berlin at the Abgeordnetenhouse (the Berlin House of Representatives)
11:30-12:30  Guided tour of the Abgeordnetenhouse
14:45  Security check
15:00  Visit the Paul-Löbe-Haus (house of the councilors)
16:30  Guided tour of the Bundestag (Federal Council)

14 March, Tue
10:00-12:00  Visit the Berlin Office of WEFA
   Donated Japanese manga translated into Arabic
13:00-15:00  Visit ISOGON (Company founded by a Turkish immigrant)
16:00-18:00  Visit the office of Islamische Föderation in Berlin
19:00-21:00  Wrap-up meeting and supper

15 March, Wed
 9:30  Departure from Hotel
12:05  Departure from Berlin (TXL)

16 March, Thu
10:00  Arrival at Osaka (KIX) via Helsinki

Thank you very much for all who supported us.
Every single day, students was learning a lot and had special experience.