Activities of GRM


Fieldwork in Oki Island *Joint program with Hiroshima University and Texas University



<Joint program with Taoyaka Program, Hiroshima University and Texas University>

Course theme:
Commercialization of emerging technologies for creation of supporting industry to realize sustainable forest resource management

7 lectures given by 6 professors
Group work progress check by course instructors

Monday, August 21 @Hiroshima University
15:00-16:45  Lecture
    Mr. Hisashi Kajiyama
    (President & CEO, Bioenergy Research & Investment Inc.)
Tuesday, August 22 @Oki Island
14:30-15:00  Opening session
    Prof. Akira Hayashida, Prof. Takashi Okamoto 
    (Doshisha University)
15:00-16:45  Lecture
    Mr. Hajime Fujino
    (Okinoshima Municipal government officer)
Wednesday, August 23 @Oki Island
 9:30-11:00  Site observation, Lignophenol production facility
11:30-14:00  Visit Shizen-kaiki-no-mori Forest (hike) 自然回帰の森
14:45-15:00  Visit Hotel Miyabi which installs pellet boiler and stove
15:00-16:45  Group work
Thursday, August 24 @Oki Island
 9:30-10:30  Visit Woody chip power plant
11:00-15:00  Visit forestry working site
15:00-16:45  Group work
Friday, August 25 @Oki Island
 9:00-10:30  Intermediate presentation
10:45-15:00  Group work
15:00-16:45  Final presentation
16:45-17:00  Closing session
    Prof. Akimasa Hujiwara (Hirosima University)

Saturday, August 26
Leave Oki Island