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Joint Seminar II

Joint Seminar


Theme: Getting out from the least developed country

Cambodia's economy was completely devastated during the Khmer Rouge regime and following civil war era. The civil war was ended in 1991 and new democratic government was established in 1993. Since then, several rehabilitation and development plans were adopted to build up a firm economic system, to reduce poverty, and so on. Now, the government of Cambodia is running National Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 (NSDP) for further development.
At the time of planning of NSDP, Cambodian per capita GDP was around 1,000USD, which is a border line of the least developed country. Getting out from the least developed stage itself is a welcoming thing, but that also means the loss of eligibility for international aids and grants.
Another challenge stated in NSDP is the integration to ASEAN market. With weak foundation in many sense, Cambodia needs very careful handling in development.
Now, it is almost the end of NSDP2014-2018 and the question is: How well have they done? And what's next?


Group work:

Examine NSDP2014-2018 and current status of Cambodia to find out the achievement of NSDP. Find a problem that prevents or slows down the development. Construct a solution plan to improve the situation. The solution must be examined from multi-perspective viewpoints and has to be accurate and realistic in consideration of actual implementation.


April - July  
Group work discussion and consultation

April 27  Lecture by guest
 Prof. Satoru Kobayasi (Kyoto University)
Social dynamism of Cambodian rural communities since 1979 -Beyond 'Center and Periphery'-"

May 11   Lecture by guest
Mr. Kiyotaka Miyazaki (JICA)
JICA's activities in Cambodia -From Restoration & Rehabilitation  to Improvement-"

May 18   Mid-term presentation 1

June 22  Mid-term presentation 2

July 28   Final presentation