Activities of GRM


GRM Introductory Global Studies *Joint program with JICA



Joint program with JICA

GRM Introductory Global Studies - Field Visit

Date: July 26 (Wed) - 29 (Sat)
Place: Tokyo
Theme: Role of government, civil society, and corporations, and global governance

Tokyo, Day 1
- Orientation session

Tokyo, Day 2
- Preparation for the field studies
- Visit to Tokyo Bigsight (international exhibitions)
- Visit to Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
- National Personnel Authority 
- Individual consultation

Tokyo, Day 3
- Life Safety Learning Center, Tokyo Fire Department
- Center for Traffic Management, National Police Agency
- National Diet of Japan, House of Councillors
- Follow up discussion

Tokyo, Day 4
- Wrap up session


Date: September 11 (Mon) - 13 (Wed)
Place Okayama
Theme: Forest, biomas industries, joint programs of public-private sectors, international exchange programs of local government and local NGO, etc.

Okayama, Day 1
- Visit to Biomas Industrial Town (Maniwa city, Okayama)
- Walk around the preserved district in Katsuyama town
- Lecture at the local government office: 
   "Overview of Maniwa City as Biomass Industrial City Plan"
- Visit to biomass material collection point
- Visit to biomass power point

Okayama, Day 2
- Visit to Biomas Industrial Town (Maniwa city, Okayama)
- Methane fermentation plant
- Market of local agricultural product
- Local government office building (case of biomass energy introduction)
- Agriculture cooperative
- Lecture by Prof. Eiji Oyamada (Graduate School of Global Studies) at Okayama International Centre

Okayama, Day 3
- Civil society (Association of Medical Doctors in Asia: AMDA)
- Office of Okayama Prefecture