Activities of GRM


On-Site Practice

On-Site Practice


On-site Practice II

Date: 10~17 March, 2017
Place: Kenya


Research Topics:

Resources to make an emerging  country to be developed


Aim of the course

1.To understand the current situation of Kenya
2.To become able to manage group work with few help
3.To become able to draw a realistic solution for the problem set by themselves
4.To become able to coordinate/combine multiple aspects for a purpose



    10 March, Sat
    23:35  Departure from Osaka (KIX)

    11 March, Sun
    14:35  Arrival at Nairobi

    12 March, Mon
     9:00  Visit Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Kenya National Archives

    12:00 Lunch at Strathmore University

    13:30 - 15:00 Lecture by Dr. Da Silva, Dr. Midida from Strathmore University

    15:10 - 15:45 Lecture by Dr. Hayashida

    16:00 - Visit Energy center

    17:00 Dinner with staffs of Strathmore University

    13 March, Tue

    11:00 Arrive at Nakuru and visit 2 JOCV sites

              (Nakuru Hills Special school, Probation Hostel)

    15:00 Departure from Nakuru


    14 March, Wed

    11:00 Visit Olkaria Power Plant

    16:0 Departure from Olkaria


    15 March, Thu

    10:00 Visit Strathmore University

               Finalization of the student presentation

    12:00 Lunch at cafeteria

    13:00 Finalization of the student presentation

    15:00 Final presentation at Strathmore University

    17:00 Departure from University


    16 March, Fri

    12:00 Departure from hotel

    16:50 Leave Nairobi


    17 March, Sat

    16:55 Arrival at Osaka (KIX)

    Thank you very much for all who supported us.
    Every single day, students was learning a lot and had special experience.