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Joint Seminar Ⅱ |Final Presentation

Joint Seminar


Joint Seminar Ⅱ

Theme: Disaster Prevention and Information Dissemination
A disaster prevention program requires solutions and counter measures of different types from different perspectives. Constructing disaster prevention works, for example, dykes, sea walls, or earthquake resistant buildings, is one of typical solutions. However, these kinds of so-called hard solutions do not provide the maximum safety to the society. Since disaster occurs where human activities are conducted, non-engineering solutions, for example, evacuation plan, rescue plan, or institutional coordination to support those plans, are necessary to reduce damage to the society.
In emergency situations, information dissemination is one of very important factor for successful disaster prevention measures. In order to disseminate information promptly, robust and resilient system has to be constructed. However, same as the general idea shown above, constructing communication infrastructure is not enough. Coordination to the public organizations and local communities is needed. For example, no organized evacuation or prompt rescue can be made without precise and prompt information. Therefore, both technology and coordination are needed.
This course asks students to construct a plan to establish communication system for emergency situation and a plan to use the information disseminated though the network. For this purpose, couple lectures are provided to learn basics of disaster prevention, information dissemination, and institutional coordination.

Group work:
Pick up your target site and disaster or emergency situation associated with your site. Construct a plan to reduce damage to the society from your target situation. The plan must include the construction of communication system for realizing prompt end precise information dissemination
and institutional coordination to realize appropriate countermeasure by utilizing the information obtained above.

April - July 
Group work discussion and consultation

●Lectures by guest

Professor Norio Maki
Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University

  April 17
   "What is disaster and disaster management?"

  May 8  
   "Command and Control, Common Operational Picture; Disaster response to
the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster"

May 31   Mid-term presentation 1

June 28  Mid-term presentation 2

July 26   Final presentation