Activities of GRM


International Conference I, II (Slovenia)

International Conference


Dates: 6 ~12 September, 2018 
Sites: Slovenia: Ljubljana, Bled 
What is Bled Strategic Forum?
Bled Strategic Forum has established itself as an important annual gathering aimed at making commitments for the implementation of new strategies designed to confront the most pressing issues of today’s Europe and the world.
<September 6> 
Move to Ljubljana
Meeting with President of University of Ljubljana
<September 7 - September 9> 
Young Bled Strategic Forum 
  〔September 7, Saturday 〕 
 ・Sightseeing tour of Ljubljana
 ・Exceptional Leadership in the Next Decade
 ・Keynote speech
 ・Bridging The Divide Between Generations
 〔September 8, Sunday 〕 
 ・Making A.I. Work – Exploring Practical Ways For Human–Machine Co-operation
 ・Disrupting Gender Stereotypes: are you a born leader?
 ・ Alone we fail: Working together for a sustainable future
 〔September 9, Monday 〕 
 ・Creating Policy Recommendations
 ・Vision of the Present
 Preparation for Panel Session
<September 10 – September 11> 
 〔September 10, Tuesday
Panel Session
  Doshisha University and the Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Ljubljana
  Theme:Conflict Prevention, Peace Building and Mediation

  Doshisha University
  ・Analysis of Turkey’s evolution from Kemalism to Erdogan
  ・how Iran is much more fragmented than it seems from the outside – only about 50% of Iranians are Persian
  the Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Ljubljana 
  ・Strengthening European Integration through the Analysis of Conflicting Discourses: Revisiting the Past, Anticipating the Future
  ・Study that highlights democratic consolidation as a key aspect of peacekeeping in the Western Balkans
 Young BSF 2018 Conflict Prevention, Peace Building and Mediation
(105min : Please check your network environment. )
  〔September 11, Wednesday
      ■Bled Strategic Forum 
  ・Leaders Club Breakfast –Shaping the (Digital) Future of Work: How to Bridge the Divide Between Humans and Technology?
  ・How Will New Technologies Affect Cultural Tourism –Science Fiction or Reality? Tourism as an Instrument for Cultural Co-Operation
   Dinner at Ambassador’s residence
<September 12>
Depart for Japan