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Program for Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2018

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Two students of our Global Resource Management Program attended the “Program for Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2018” (Dec. 4).


One student passed the preliminary review of Session A (To implement innovative value into society) and made a presentation on “Using Virtual Reality Technology to Help Elder People from Dementia and Alzheimer Diseases” to the Academic/Administrative Staff/students of the Leading Program, and business industry personnel and government personnel who attended the Forum.


One student attended Session B (To use the Leading Program’s resources efficiently in the future) and had a group discussion based on the theme “In order to implement new value by graduates, what should be needed more for the students and what can the university do for that?” with other Leading Program students who also audited the special lecture "Outcomes from the development of the Leading Programs" by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) at the start of the forum. The chairman of each group shared the points as a kick off statement at the panel discussion to make a lively interaction with the panelists and the attending crowd.



December 4, 2018 (TUE.) 11:00 ~ 20:00



Hitotsubashi Hall



Session A: Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Information and Computer Science)

Mohammed Awad Hajjaj

Session B: Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

Masao Nakagawa


Program for Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2018