Activities of GRM


On-site Practice II - Field Trip to Kamiyama (November)

On-Site Practice


Date: 26~28 November, 2018
Place: Kamiyamacho, Tokushima prefecture

The aim of the second field trip to Kamiyama is to conduct a field survey to obtain necessary data for group working. Therefore, the activities at the site have to be determined by their own initiative. The class only prepares the transportation for going to and coming back from Kamiyama, and the accommodation at Kamiyama.

November 26 (Mon) 
07:10 Meet at JR Bus Terminal at Osaka Station
07:20 Leaving from Osaka Station
10:02 Arriving at Tokushima Station
10:35 Leaving from Tokushima Station for Kamiyama
11:41 Arriving at Kamiyama
12:00 Depositing baggage at WEEK Kamiyama(Accomodation)
13:00 Discussion about abandoned house problems
Location: Kamiyama town office
17:00  Conclude first days’ result ; prepare for the next day
18:00  Dinner
November 27 (Tue)
09:00   Meeting with Professors and doing a potential mentor
09:30 - 11:30 Discussion with the wood suppliers
Location: Municipality office
11:30  Lunch
13:00  Interview with officers of Kamiyama-Juku
Location: Kamiyama-Juku office
15:00 - 17:00 Meeting and discussion
18:00 Dinner / Mixing with town officers and school teachers

November 28 (Wed)
09:00   Discussion with teachers
11:00  Lunch
12:30  Join the class and have a discussion with students
Location: Kamiyama  high school
14:00  Interviews with carpenters
Location: Municipality office
15:00  Conclusion
16:00 - 17:00 Departure from Kamiyama to Tokushima station
17:00 - 18:00 Departure from Tokushima station to Osaka station