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GRM International Conference “Resource Management for Co-Existence and Cultural Diversity”

International Conference


International Conference
GRM Lecture on Co-Existence & GRM Lecture on Resource Management
“Resource Management for Co-Existence and Cultural Diversity”

■Date and Venue
January 26, 2019 (Sat.), 10:00-17:15
Presentation Court, Ryoshinkan 2F at Imadegawa Campus, Doshisha University

Master of Ceremony:
Prof. Dr. Masamichi Iwasaka (Organization for Advanced Research and Education)

(1) 10:00-10:10 Welcome Remarks
Prof. Dr. Akira Hayashida (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Doshisha University)

Ms. Laila Attalla Tawfique
Legal Consultant, American Bar Association, Rule of Law Initiative (ABAROLI), Jordan
“Challenges and Opportunities of Modern Refugees: Experiences from the Field”

Mr. Ryoji Noritake
CEO, Board Member, Health and Global Policy Institute; Consultant, Project HOPE
“Tsunami and Tsunami of Medical Humanitarian Aid: Case Studies in the Asia Pacific”

Prof. Dr. Noriyoshi Tsuchiya and Dr. Kyle Bahr
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University
“Technical and Social Challenges of Geothermal Energy Development in Japan”

(5)12:50-13:40 Lunch Break

(6)13:40-16:25 Students’ Session
- Eco Hamersma(Graduate School of Global Studies)
“Social Acceptance of Geothermal Power in Fukushima Prefecture: Case Study of Tsuchiyu-onsen”

- James Hernandez(Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
“Condition of the Philippine Solid-State Lighting Sector (And How the Country Can Learn from Japanese Industries)”

- Akifumi Yamanaka(Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
“Historical Review on Human Interpretations of the Lightning Phenomena”

- Nicole Gilos and Martin Fernandez (Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
“An Alternative Approach to Cyanide and Mercury: A Closer Look into the Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Industry in the Philippines”


- Mupe Nyambu(Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
“The Ambiguity of Ethical Resource Management in the Democratic Republic  of Congo”

- Huimin Yang(Graduate School of Social Studies)
“The Development of Long-term Care System in China”

- Marwa Ahmad(Graduate School of Global Studies)
“Exploring the Usage of Mobile phones by Young Syrian Refugees in Lebanon”

- Liu Cheung(Graduate School of Theology)
“Rethinking Zairyuu: Diaspora Communities in Japan’s Economic Development”

(7)16:25-16:35   Break (10 mins)

(8)16:35-17:10 General Discussion
- Students and instructors of “GRM Lecture on Resource Management” and “GRM Lecture on Co-Existence”
- Commentators: Prof. Dr. Tsuchiya, Dr. Bahr, Mr. Noritake and Ms. Tawfique
- Chair: Prof. Dr. Shinichiro Hama (Graduate School of Law, Doshisha University)

(9)17:10-17:15 Closing Remarks
Prof. Dr. Tadashi Yagi (Graduate School of Economics, Doshisha University)