Activities of GRM


Onsite Training in India

On-Site Practice


・Lectures before visiting India will be delivered to lecture rooms both in Hiroshima University and Doshisha University via TV Conference System.
・Lectures on Mar. 11 will be held at Lecture hall at C2C Center in Wildlife Institute of India (WII).
・Working spaces for group working after the official event (17:00-) have been reserved at each accommodation.
・ Internet access is available at the hotels.

Lectures before visiting India
Hochikan & Shikokan Common rooms
IDEC212,(Hiroshima University)
Feb. 12IntroductionDr. Takashi Okamoto
Feb. 18Nature ConservationDr. Nobukazu Nakagoshi
Feb. 25Indian Society & CultureDr. Moe Nakazora

Mar. 1109:30 - 10:00Opening
10:15 - 11:45Lecture 1: Nature Conservation in India
13:30 - 15:00Lecture 2: Van Gujjar
15:15 - 16:45Lecture 3: Local Entrepreneurship in Rural Area
Mar. 127:30Leave for Rajaji National Park
10:00Arrive at Rajaji National Park
11:00 - 13:00Lecture 4: Rajaji National Park
14:00Leave for Village
15:00 - 17:00Fieldwork at village
Mar. 137:00 - 10:00Field visit: Rajaji National Park (Safari tour)
10:00Leave for Village
11:00 - 17:00Fieldwork at village
Mar. 149:00Leave for WII
10:00 - 14:00Visit Haridwar
16:00Arrive at WII
Mar. 1510:00 - 11:30Short presentation
11:30 - 14:00Team meeting and Lunch
14:00 - 17:00Reflection session
Mar. 1610:00Leave from WII
11:00Sightseeing and shopping
17:30Arrive at Dehradun airport
19:00Depart for IGI airport

Outward Trip【Saturday, March 9, 10】
DateTimeMeeting Place
Mar.812:30(DU)Meet at Itami Airport
13:00(HU)Hiroshima Airport, 2nd Floor Domestic Departure Lobby
14:10(DU)Flight to Narita (NH2178)
14:20(HU) Flight to Narita (NH3132)
15:30(DU) Arrive at Narita Airport
15:55(HU) Arrive at Narita Airport
17:15Depart from Narita Airport (NH0827)
Mar.90:05Delhi Airport (Stay at ibis New Delhi Aerocity)
8:50Meeting at hotel lobby
9:00Leaving for Domestic Airport
11:05Departing for Dehradun (9W 0149)
12:00Arriving at Dehradun
12:30Bus to WII

Return Trip【Saturday, March 16,17】
DateTimeDrop-off locations
Mar.1610:00Departing WII (Sightseeing and Shopping)
17:30Arriving at Dehradun Airport
19:00Departing Dehradun Airport (AI 9610)
20:20Arriving Delhi Airport
Mar.171:25Departing Delhi Airport (NH0828)
12:45Arriving Narita Airport
16:40(DU) Departing Narita Airport to Itami (NH2177)
17:30(HU)Departing Narita Airport to Hiroshima (NH3131)
18:05(DU) Arriving at Itami Airport
19:10(HU) Arriving at Hiroshima Airport

Mar.10 - Mar.12WII New Hostel
Mar.12 - Mar.13GMVN Chilla Tourist Rest House
Mar.14 - Mar.15WII New Hostel