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As a representative of Global Resource Management Program, Doshisha University, Mr. Hernandez(Science&Engineering) participated in the “Program for Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2019” at Waseda University on November 30th.


The main theme of the workshop is “How we (i.e. Leading Program students) want and how we can change the world 10 years from now”. Participating students will consider in workshop format how they intend to demonstrate the leadership skills they acquired through the Leading Program, and carry out facilitated discussions focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which represent common global issues. Based on the new awareness thus gained, the Forum aims for Leading Program students to clarify their own future plans and deliver their shared vision. The final goal is for participants to make a commitment to reunite in 10 years, to review this vision and share their intervening successes.


Below is the comments from the student:

The forum served as a culminating event for the students of the Leading Forum.

I was able to contribute to the group discussions held within the forum, where various perspectives towards fulfilling the solutions of the goal are considered. As my role, I have summarized of the ideas inputted by each member, and compiled them into a coherent presentation by inputting minutes while participating in the close group discussions. The theme for the group presentation was the prospective utilization of block chain in the improvement of small scale industries, especially in the developing countries. The presenters were given essential feedback from professors and experts from different universities.

There was a closing banquet after the event, where the students and professors were able to meet. The delegate learned the various perspectives of solving SDG goals, as well as the way of thinking in fulfilling them. For instance, almost all the presentations in Japanese groups were able to suggest concrete suggestions in solving their respective goals, while most of the presentations in English groups consisted of more abstract but still important solutions. I have also learned the value of the event as a meeting of future highly skilled professionals in their respective fields, and those aware of the current situation in the world as something in need of this high skills.



November 30, 2019 (Sat.) 10:00 ~ 18:30



Waseda University, International Conference Center



Session C: Goal 9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Hernandez James Edward II Aquino


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