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GRM Joint Seminar I 2015



"Scenario Development and Consensus Building in National Development"

Date: July 17~19, 2015
Venue: Day 1: SK110, Day 2,3: Shikokan Learning-Studio, IMADEGAWA (Karasuma Campus), Doshisha University

July 17 (Fri.)  /  Venue: Shikokan SK111 (Imadegawa campus)
13:00-14:30         Orientation and Lecture by Prof. Eiji Oyamada
14:30-16:00        “The Water-Energy Nexus from an Energy Perspective and Future Earth” by Prof. Makoto Taniguchi (Re search Institute for Humanity and Nature)
16:00-                  Group discussion
July 18 (Sat.)  /  Venue: Shikokan Learning Studio (Imadegawa campus)
09:30-11:00         Lecture by Prof. Mustapha Kamal Pasha
11:00-13:00         “Energy Policy” by Prof. Mansour Hassan Abdel-Rahman
                           “Energy and Environment” by Prof. Akira Hayashida
13:00-14:45         Lunch and Group discussion
 (Group Presentation Part 1 session)
14:45-15:05         Group A presentation
15:05-15:25         Group B presentation
15:25-15:45         Group C presentation
15:45-16:05         Group D presentation
16:05-16:35         Q & A session
16:35-                  Joint group discussion (for Group Discussion 2)
July 19 (Sun.)  /  Venue: Shikokan Learning Studio (Imadegawa campus)
09:30-11:00         Join group discussion
(Group Presentation Part 2 session)
11:00-11:20         “Government official” presentation
11:20-11:40         “Business sector manager” presentation
11:40-12:00         “Civil society organization representative” presentation
12:00-12:20         “Religious or other group leader” presentation
12:20-13:00         Wrap up session