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GRM Course Registration Orientation 2016 (for GRM Students)



Date: Friday, April 1 starting from around 14:30

Venue: GRM Common Rooms (Shikokan/Hochikan)
             *Connected via a TV conference system.
This orientation is for GRM Students (those who applied for GRM Candidate are also welcomed).
Please come whenever it is convenient for you.

<1> 14:30-15:15

* Introduction of students and staff (Program Officers, Career Coordinators)

* Introduction of changes on the curriculum

* Introduction of new courses

* Introduction of other minor changes


<2> 15:15-16:00

Short report of GRM Internship and Fieldwork

GRM Students will give rough reports about their activities.

<3> 16:00-

* QA and private consultation

* Students' Get-together