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Program Completion Report (Wang XIAOYUN, Yujiro MINAMI, Naomi NISHI)



The following 3 GRM Students will complete the Graduate School and GRM Program in March.
We hold assemblies "Program Completion Report" on the below dates.
*All presentation in Japanese.

1.  Wang XIAOYUN  Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Information and Computer Science)
January 18 (Wed.)  9:30-10:15

2.  Yujiro MINAMI  Graduate School of Social Studies (Social Welfare)
January 19 (Thu.)  9:30-10:15

3.  Naomi NISHI  Graduate School of Global Studies (Global Studies)
February 1 (Wed.)  13:00-14:00

KYOTANABE Campus: Hochikan GRM Common Room
IMADEGAWA (Karasuma) Campus: Shikokan Learning Studio
*Distributed to each other via Polycom.

Ms Wang will be in Kyotanabe Campus
Mr. Minami and Ms. Nishi will be in Imadegawa (Karasuma) Campus