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Program Completion Report (Dipak Gaire Sharma, Kenta DOI, Akuto TAKAGI, LIU xiao)



Program Completion Report

The following 4 GRM Students will complete the Graduate School and GRM Program in March.
We will hold assembly "Program Completion Report" and they give the last presentation in front of GRM academic staff and GRM Students.
We wish them the best of luck with new career and congratulations!!

1.  Dipak Gaire Sharma  Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Information and Computer Science)
January 17 (Wed.)  13:00-13:45

2.  Kenta Doi  Graduate School of Science & Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
January 17 (Wed.)  14:00-14:45

3.  Akuto Takagi  Graduate School of Science & Engineering (Applied Chemistry)
February 1 (Thu.)  10:00-10:45
3.  Liu xiao  Graduate School of Commerce (Commerce)
February 1 (Thu.)  11:00-11:45

KYOTANABE Campus: Hochikan GRM Common Room
IMADEGAWA (Karasuma) Campus: Shikokan Learning Studio
*Distributed to each other via Polycom.

Mr. Dipak, Mr. Doi and Mr.Takagi will be in Kyotanabe Campus
Mr. Liu  will be in Imadegawa (Karasuma) Campus
GRM academic staff, students and others, you are very welcome to join this assembly.
No reservation required.