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DOSHISHA x UPLB | Joint Seminar Workshop "Culture, Sustainable Development and Governance"



Doshisha University GRM X University of Philippines Los Banos (UPLB)
Joint Seminar Workshop

A joint seminar workshop will be held on Tuesday, 12 Jun.
The main topic is "Culture, Sustainable Development and Governance".

Date: Jun 12 (Tuesday), 2018  13:00-16:25
Venue: Shikokan SK101, IMADEGAWA (Karasuma) Campus
Language: English
*No Reservation Required
*You can join or leave the workshop anytime.
Master of Ceremony:
      Mica Carada (Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Global Studies)


Session 1

13:00- Global Resource Management as an Advanced PhD Program
           Dr. Iyas Salim (Associate Program Administrator, GRM Program)

- Open Science Approach: From Interdisciplinary to Transdisciplinary Research
           Prof. Hisae Nakanishi (Graduate School of Global Studies)

14:40- Break
Session 2

14:50- Introduction to the Session

- Malvar, Batangas: Culture in a Changing Socio-Economic Landscape
            Editha Eusebio(MDMG, UPLB), Alma Gabuni(MSDMG, UPLB)

- Culture and Environmental Protection in Los BanosLaguna
           Lou Diaz (MDMG,UPLB), Guia Del Valle(MDMG, UPLB)
-Spiritual Heritage and Sustainable Development in Dolores, Quezon
           Cynthia Cortez (MDMG,UPLB), Marife Mendoza (MDMG,UPLB)

-Comparative Study on Remembrance, Commemoration of Disaster and DRR Policies in Japan and the Philippines
           Tasuku Ohashi (Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Global Studies)

-The Act of Environmental Citizenship and the Local Government
           Yu Sumi (Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Global Studies)

-Question and Discussion

           Danielle Quiros (MDMG, UPLB), Jim Cano (MSDMG, UPLB) 

           Prof. Wilfredo Carada (UPLB)