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Workshop "Towards a Future of Dignity for All"



Towards a Future of Dignity for All
Higher Education for Students from Conflict Regions: Japan-Turkey Partnership

As GRM Program aims for interdisciplinary approach and solutions-based research, this joint workshop brings together academia and civil society to create opportunities in higher education for students from conflict and marginalized regions.
The workshop is a joint effort with civil societies organizations in Turkey to draw upon the accumulated experiences developed by the Global Resource Management Program, GRM, at Doshisha University, as well as those of Turkish NGO "IHH" and "UDEF",
in order to utilize potential/available resources for collaborative efforts to enhance and encourage higher education opportunities for students from conflict-affected regions.

Date: April 22 (Mon.), 2019
Time: 11:00-12:30
Venue: Shikokan(B1) Learning Studio, Karasuma Campus
Language: English

*No Reservations Required
*Open to Public

11:00-11: 10  Introduction
                      Professor Masanori Naito
                      Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University
                      Director, Research Center for Human Dignity, Doshisha University

11:10-11:35  Students’ Global Outreach
                     UDEF Activities in Turkey for Solidarity, Mobility& Cultural

                     Mr. MD Halid Durmus

                     Project Coordinator, Federation of International 
                     Student Association (UDEF), Turkey

11:35-12:00  The NGO “IHH” and its Role in Higher Education Support for
 from Conflict Regions
                      Mr. Said Demir

                      Vice President of IHH, The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms
                      and Humanitarian Relief, Turkey

12:00-12:30  Question & Answer Session