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Program Completion Report (Miriam Caryl Carada, Arnold Rey Burgos Gines)



The following 2 GRM students are expected to complete the Graduate School and GRM Program.
We will hold assembly an "Program Completion Report" and they will give the last presentation in front of GRM academic staff and GRM students.
Especially for students who are expected to finish the program in next semester, it would be a great opportunity for preparing their own program completion reports.
You can also feel free to question after the presentations.

No reservation is necessary.
You are very welcome to join this assembly.

1.  Miriam Caryl Carada  Graduate School of Global Studies (Global Studies)
July 9 (Tue.)  13:00-13:45 (in Imadegawa campus)

2.  Arnold Rey Burgos Gines  Graduate School of Science & Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
July 22 (Mon.)  11:00-11:45 (in Kyotanabe campus)

KYOTANABE Campus: Hochikan GRM Common Room (1F)
IMADEGAWA (Karasuma) Campus: Shikokan GRM Common Room (2F)
*Distributed to each other via Polycom.