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Program Completion Report (Mohammed Awad Hajjaj, Cho Hyungbeom)



The GRM students are expected to complete the GRM Program
in the Fall Semester 2020.
We will hold assembly "GRM Program Completion Report".
【Dates and Presenters】
[Day-1] January 18 (Mon)
3:00pm - 3:45pm
Mohammed Awad Hajjaj
Information and Computer Science, Graduate School of Science & Engineering Language: English

[Day-2] January 19 (Tue)3:00pm - 3:45pm
Cho Hyungbeom (趙 衡範)
Policy and Management, Graduate School of Policy and Management
Language: Japanese

【Online Participation by ZOOM】
These debriefing sessions will be conducted via ZOOM.
Please apply in advance along with the following personal details
via your email address provided by Doshisha University
(It means the email address should include “”).
The Meeting ID and passcode will be informed by return email.

REGISTRATION (Click here and open in email application automatically)

Send to: GRM Office
Application deadline: January 14 (Thur) 5:00pm
- Subject (pick one of the followings)
1. [Hajjaj] Application for GRM Program Completion Report
2. [Cho(趙)] Application for GRM Program Completion Report
3. [Both Hajjaji and Cho(趙)] Application for GRM Program Completion Report
- Date you wish to join
- Student ID number
- Affiliation
- Name

It will be a valuable opportunity for participants to learn and ask
about GRM courses, job hunting, and so on.
Also, it is very important for the GRM students to know
what the Completion Report assembly is like
(e.g. presentation material, questions from Professors and students)
in order to prepare their own presentation.

All students, faculty and staff at Doshisha University are very welcome.
You are also able to join the Q&A session after the presentation.
We look forward to having you with us.