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On France:Free Speech, Racism and Criminalizing Minorities in France



The climate in France is of suspicion in a moment of major national tension. French leadership is accused of irresponsibility. National emotion is manipulated to target political opponents. Protesters demonstrate against a new bill accusing the French State of obstructing civil liberties. Critics have argued, the “global security bill,” which received a first-reading adoption by the National Assembly on 24 November 2020 jeopardizes the freedom of the press and could bring the introduction of a surveillance system. The bill enacts unprecedented constraints on freedom of expression. One particular provision has drawn much attention. According to its terms, any person who publishes images of police officers in their duty in a way that could “harm” their “physical or mental integrity” can face a year in prison and a ?45,000 ($53,300) fine.

That vague nature of the bill carries potential damage- a real threat to citizen’s right to document the conduct and behavior of police or France’s security forces. This is occurring as videos have uncovered many incidents of police misconduct around the world. The United Nations Human Rights Council denounced the law as containing "significant infringements of human rights and fundamental freedoms.” President Macron of France spoke about the bill earlier this year in an attempt to drum up support, he said Islam was a “religion in crisis” globally ? a comment that upset Muslims across the world and led to anti-France protests.

Guest Speaker:
Ms. Diallo

Date: Feb 1st, 2021
Time: 17:00 PM Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo

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