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The State and Fate of American Democracy



The Research Center for Human Dignity & GRM’s Global Situation Room

In this lecture, American guest speaker Nathan Stock, will analyze the internal conflicts – political, racial, and religious – threatening American democracy. He will explore the roots of the current crisis, some going back decades, others centuries. He will consider the implications of these conflicts for the United States and the international community at the dawn of the Biden administration.

Webinar (Zoom)
12 February 2021
10:30 AM (Kyoto Time)
Meeting ID:
960 9533 5042

Guest Speaker:
Nathan Stock
Adjunct Professor, Furman University , Non-Resident Scholar, The Middle East Institute
Nathan Stock is an Adjunct Professor of political dialogue at Furman University and a Non-Resident Scholar with the Middle East Institute. Stock has 15 years of experience working to reduce violence and strengthen democracy abroad, including nearly a decade working on Middle East conflicts with The Carter Center. He is leading a new Carter Center project designed to help reduce conflict in the U.S. surrounding the November election. Stock holds an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University and a BA in international relations from Colgate University.