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12/3 Student Led-Global Resource Management International Conference



One of our GRM program students is voluntarily planning a lecture on the 3rd of December, inviting Prof. Dr. Nikos Lavranos, LL.M, Secretary-General of the European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration and visiting professor of International Investment Law at the Free University Brussels and Kobe University. Former chief negotiator for the establishment of bilateral treaties at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He will give a lecture entitled "RECONSIDERING INVESTMENT LAW IN THE FACE OF A CHANGING WORLD".
Among the principle changes the world is facing is climate change. The fight against a rise in the global temperature should now be the top priority for all countries in the world. As a result the oil, gas and extraction industries will be facing significant measures by national governments and international organisations which could lead to the expropriation and other unfair treatment; unfair treatment in this regard is a legal term established in bilateral treaties between states on how handle foreign investments. In other words, the current frame of the global investment regime is one where the fight against climate change will invariably lead to breaches of already established trade and investment agreements between sovereign powers. At the same time, rising gas and oil prices are now leading to financial burdens on citizens around the globe. We will discuss the interaction and tension between these issues, while providing a particular focus on Japan which the audience would find valuable.
Following the keynote speaker, two students will be presenting their research as tied to the central theme of the conference. Particularly on the topic of China’s growing role in international investment on the African continent. As well as the legacy of investments and its human costs by the former Imperial Japanese government in modern Indonesia.
These lectures are to be held both in person at Doshisha University’s Imadegawa Campus and via Zoom.
The lecture will be in English with Japanese interpretation.
If you are interested in participation, please apply from the following form.

The deadline for application is 16:00, on Wednesday, the 1st of December.