GRM Journal

The journal, Journal for Information, Study and Discussion of Global Resource Management, (Hereinafter referred to as GRM Journal)  contributes to the realization of a society in which people having different culture background can live and cooperate together by providing a space to publish new findings and achievements from activities of interdisciplinary nature with a view point of “resource management or development”. The GRM Journal does not limit the term “resource” to natural resources and that kind. Development and management of any kind of things to be able to be considered a “resource” will fall into the scope of the journal.

【About GRM Journal】

Publishing: annually (March every year)
Publishing media: Electric journal (Web publishing)
We accept manuscript draft throughout the year. Submitted manuscript will be published on the Web as soon as the peer-review process is completed.
(In order to include your paper in the volume of current Academic Year, the draft must be submitted by the third Friday of November for each year)