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Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet

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Graduate School of Global Studies   Abdalrahman Mohamed Migdad

On Friday, February 24th, the Global Resource Management Program (GRM) hosted a speech delivered by Dr. Hassine Abassi (Secritary General, Tunisian General Labour Union) at Doshisha University’s Clarke Memorial Hall.

Dr. Abassi Who led the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, talked about the series of events that stormed over Tunisia in the past few years. The main theme of his speech was the importance of dialogue, putting national interest before party interest, the role of civil society, and most importantly the danger of foreign intervention in the affairs of the nation with the exception of economic and investment activities.

After the speech, a few questions were asked by the attendees that include: what is done to alleviate poverty and improve the economy?, How did the Quartet reach a conclusion that democracy via majority vote was not enough at time of transition, but rather dialogue is necessary to guarantee a safe transition?, Why did external parties fail to intervene in the Tunisian national dialogue? And finally could the Tunisian experience be an example for others?.

Dr. Abassi explained that economic activities do not stop, and poverty elevation is a national and international concern. But with regard to the economy, it develops over time, and its success is based on the political success. Dr. Abassi pointed that historical events gave lessons. Thus, Tunisia refused external intervention, and civil society was the success factor for safe transition. He re-emphasized that every country is different, lessons could be learned, but entire experiences cannot be copied.