Student Activities


GRM Internship I


Graduate School of Science and Engineering   Mohammed Hajjaj

The internship program has completed at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Investment and Technology Promotion Office UNIDO ITPO Tokyo branch office) from 26th August to 13th September 2019.
This program was in three parts. In the first part, I have been involved in supporting an exhibition and seminar side at the 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) in August 2019. The second part of the internship was to do some reports and researches on industry and foreign investment institutions and related environment of Egypt, compiled information on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) business linkages. The third part of the program was to work for the planning of an internal stakeholders' database platform.
The internship program has assigned in more details to the following duties and responsibilities:
1. Attend the TICAD7, and support the team of the organization in the official side events to promoting Africa's structural transformation and economic diversification of The Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa. Besides to promote Japanese technology for different African companies who registered at UNIDO Exhibition in the field of environmental energy, agribusiness, and human health. In addition to supporting the team to prepare the side event to explore opportunities and challenges in promoting and fostering innovation in the field of sustainable energy solutions, and take part in the B2B partnership event with African advisors, local companies, and Japanese companies.
2. Therefore, the weekly reports were about to highlight the current investments of the Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) in Egypt. Moreover, to prepare a report about the current situation of the infrastructure around the Suez Canal and the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Egypt.
3. Finally, as a part of the internship is to work in the software development of UNIDO for managing the internal stakeholders using Salesforce program. In this part, we analyzed the requirements of the software, and customize the data workflow after fixing the problem of the data duplication and counting. Besides to design and manipulate the data of the required and needed functionalities of the system, and how to use it for UNIDO Office. This development was by using the software analysis techniques, and the method of defining the structure of the data diagrams and models to represent the data of the organization inside Salesforce, and find the best solution to use the software inside the organization.