Student Activities


GRM Internship Ⅰ


Graduate School of Global Studies   Mostafa Khalili

The Internship was done in the cultural-political Economy Research Center at Lancaster University where the group of scholars leading by Professor Alam Saleh are working on a project titled "Minorities in the Middle East". I was working with the scholars focusing on the minorities in Iran and presented my findings of the fieldwork among the Kurmanji Speaking Kurds in Iran during my fieldwork.

During several discussions, I learned how to conduct a group of academic research in one of the leading centers of ethnic studies in the world. The main discussions were about how to integrate inter-ethnic studies with the center and periphery studies which are dominant in the field of Iranian Studies as well as the study of ethnicities in the Middle East. It was helpful for me to understand how the working situation is in the research centers focusing on a specific topic which made me be clear on my decision whether I want to work in an academic research center.

Moreover, in the middle of the Internship, I attended and presented into two conferences together with the research group. I presented my research in progress first in the BRISMES 2019 Conference at the University of Leeds and later in the 3rd International Conference for the Kurdish Studies at Middlesex University in London. Other than getting useful feedbacks from scholars in my field of study, I managed to make some useful connections with some professors who could potentially be my post-doctoral host researcher.