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GRM Journal

Crossing of the boundaries creates the new.

What is the GRM program?

Tackling global challenges
focusing on global resources

Society today faces many challenges due to
disparities in the availability of resources and
infrastructure. The GRM program is designed to
develop global leaders who can contribute to
solving these challenges and creating a sustainable
multicultural society.


GRM education

Training personnel who can
play a leadership role across
traditional boundaries between
sectors and professions

A broad outlook and the ability to work as a team are
crucial for tackling the increasingly complex global
challenges. With its practice-oriented curriculum that
combines lectures with practical training, the GRM
program helps students foster the ability to
contribute to a multicultural society, and thus
develop the integrity, resourcefulness and ability
required to function effectively in any social setting.


Message from Program Coordinator

Fostering global leaders
with mental strength and high ethics

For those who
want to know more
about GRM

GRM helps you pioneer the future.
―Voices from Graduates―

In the GRM program, students with different majors and from around the world are studying together.
Graduates of the program are playing active roles in various fields in the international arena. What did they learn from the GRM program and how did the program guide them in their career development?

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